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What is Wonder Made Co?

Wonder Made all started with Psalms 139:14 (...For I am fearfully and wonderfully made) and a little bit of dreaming. Little did we know the potential it would have. Today we are an apparel and gifting company with an empasis on doing good! How good is that?

How Do We Give?

Wonder Made works with families who are in need of something good. By providing a source of revenue they are able to fund the needs of various good things like - special needs care, elderly care, financial hardship, and so much more!

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After watching my mom take care of parents with Alzheimers and a terminally ill husband, we have been called to help caretakers. Those who always give and never get. Those who give selflessly by taking care of sick, elderly, and special needs children and who are often overlooked as ordinary, but their lives are far from that.

Give for Good